With stunning coastlines

awesome marine reserves filled with life, and secluded offshore islands, New Zealand is an ideal diving destination. Divers can explore different underwater environments, from kelp forests to breathtaking drop-offs to lively reefs and puzzling wrecks, the diving areas are diverse and vast.

Discover awesome diving destinations

There are numerous awesome diving destinations you can visit in New Zealand. We provide our readers with credible information regarding the best place you can dive and we don’t mention seas alone. You will find information regarding your favourite rivers and lakes in New Zealand on divenz.co.nz.

Part of the best places to dive include

Poor Knights Island

Described by the late Jacques Cousteau as part of the top diving locations, the Poor Knights Islands are one of the best diving spots on earth. Plants, animals, and fish exist on these volcanic islands swept south by warm waves from the Coral Sea. Divers will enjoy exploring archways, tunnels, caves, and walls in the waters on these islands.

Bays of Island

The Bay of Islands along with the Cavalli Island is one of New Zealand's popular diving destinations. The bay can be found on North Island East Coast and has over 150 different lakes and rivers where you can dive which is surrounded by diverse and rich marine life. Divers are drawn to the dive site for its impressive wreck diving, including the HMNZS Canterbury, the Rainbow Warrior, the Greenpeace ship, and several deliberately sunk ships in the bay.

Goat Island Marine Reserve

Known as one of the country’s best dive locations, the Goat Island Marine Reserve is located on the North Island of New Zealand, an hour from Auckland. Located in a magical world, the reserve offers different ecosystems which ranges from deep canyons, to underwater cliffs to waving seaweed forests and vast sand flats teeming with marine life.


The beaches and waters around Tutukaka are warmed by coastal currents from the river and supported by a variety of corals and fish. In the summer, you can view migrations of humpback whales and turtles as well as incredible underwater geological formations.

Milford Sounds

South Island

Milford Sound is a beautiful fjord located on the South Island of New Zealand. Here, towering cliffs fall into deep waters. The fjord was created by glaciers and divers will find fascinating diving sites with unique species. In addition to seals and penguins, there are also different breedsof dolphins in the Fjords on the South Island.


Kaikoura is NZs top diving locatiom for all types of marine animals including dolphins, whales, orcas, seals, and different types of seabirds. The Kaikoura coastline is overflowing with plankton; it is the right location for marine activities and diving with humpback whales, fur seals, dusky dolphins, and huge sperm whales.